What I Like About 6th Grade

What I have liked about 6th grade so far is all the fun classes! My favorites are Media Lab and Honors English. What I also like is that we can walk to our classes on our own instead of just having to walk in a line and be micro managed. I really like 6th grade so far!

5 Replies to “What I Like About 6th Grade”

  1. dpeterson

    I’m glad to hear what you like about 6th grade! More individuality and more freedom feel great, I’m sure.

    I’m blessed to have the 6th graders this year!
    : )
    Mrs. P

  2. dpeterson

    By the way, I really like the Edublogs theme that you chose! Super cool!

    Mrs. P

  3. apate21

    Hi Brett! I like how you explained why you liked sixth grade so far. I also like sixth grade because you can walk to your own classes! Have you found any of your classes really difficult so far? If so please let me know I can help you if you really need it!

  4. Jude

    Hey! You’re edublog is super cool! Keep it up and I liked your first post

  5. asimp21

    Hello my name is Ashton, I really like honors English too it is so cool to read and then write about them.


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